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The Series

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The Haunted Hayride

It’s Halloween in Pumpkintown.


The children are excited about going on the town’s haunted hayride.But Ned is afraid of ghoulish creatures like witches, monsters and especially ghosts.


Will Ned be brave enough to join his pumpkin pals for a night of Halloween fun?


Join Ned and friends on this special spooky adventure. 


The Great Goose Getaway

Ned is excited. He’s entered his goose Sassy in the Pumpkintown Pet Parade, dressing her up as his favorite superhero Squash Gourdon.


But Ned forgot to lock Sassy’s pen, and now she’s escaped just before the parade is about to begin. 

 Where could Sassy be?


Join Neddington Patch and his pumpkin pals in their first Pumpkintown adventure!


Pumpkin Palooza

Welcome to Pumpkintown where there’s pumpkin fun for everyone! Pumpkin Palooza is a lively collection of kid-friendly pumpkin poems sure to make children laugh. 


Talk a stroll through Pumpkintown and meet Superhero Squash Gourdon, Farmer Chili Pepper, Postmaster Pete and your favorite pumpkin pals. 


It’s a pumpkin fest, a palooza craze! Let’s celebrate each pumpkin day!

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