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Just for Fun

We believe in publishing books that make children smile— books that kids read just because they want to. Children face many challenges, but reading shouldn’t be one of them. We hope our books appeal to both children and adults.


You may find books on our shelf that have zany characters, adventurous plots, mysterious creatures, or even a ghost or two. And we know young readers can be picky. So we’ve tried to create a story menu that tempts even the most persnickety young reader.


Reading shouldn’t be stressful. It shouldn’t be a chore. So calling all kids! Pick up book, flop down in your favorite spot and read – not for school, not for grown-ups, not even for your dear, sweet granny.  Open your book and read just for you!

Peggy Schaedler

Peggy Schaedler was a school librarian before becoming a writer. 


Her latest children's books in the Pumpkintown series are: The Great Goose GetawayPumpkin Palooza: Playful Poems for Pumpkin Pals, The Haunted Hayride, and The Merry Berry Christmas Tree.


She is also the author of the middle grade mystery series Dagger and Dash. 


She loves fun books that make children smile. Peggy lives in Florida writing stories, plays, and poetry for children while her little sugar pumpkin doggie tries to distract her.


When she’s not writing, she reads, sings and plays her ukulele in schools and libraries. Visit Peggy at or stay right here on this site.

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